Intermodal Systems Development Year End Update

Smith_Tim (1)by Tim Smith

Intermodal Systems Development (ISD) has experienced an eventful and successful year.  Like so many offices in the District, we have welcomed new faces in new roles allowing a fresh perspective on our processes, procedures and products.

Our Planning Department is currently conducting several geospatial collection projects across the district for the Maintenance office. This exciting new technology allows display of department assets through a web-based map viewer for desktop or mobile use. These projects will allow for calculation of mowing quantities, retention pond locations and areas, wildflower seeding areas, as well as invasive species locations. We have also created a Roadway Characteristics Inventory (RCI) viewer giving user access to commonly used RCI features as well as direct links to Straight-Line Diagrams (SLDs) for ease of access.  In the coming year, we plan to leverage this technology to serve other departments for collection and display of crucial information in a geospatial view to facilitate a mobile and user-friendly viewer platform.

Project Managers in PD&E have handled a workload of nearly 30 contracts and the Environmental Document section has been instrumental in implementing NEPA Assignment, while Permits and Contamination continue to support the District’s aggressive production schedule.  Our office expects another challenging year as we focus on completing half of the ongoing PD&E contracts, as well as participate in our District’s first FHWA audit since the delegation of the NEPA process to the Office of Environmental Management in Tallahassee.  These efforts are only successful because of the knowledgeable and dedicated staff who are consistently seeking to develop procedural efficiencies within our office as well as with our partners.

The Public Transportation Office continues to work with Rail and Transit partners and anticipates participation in a nineteen-acre development at the Pensacola International Airport for the maintenance and overhaul of large commercial aircraft.

It is remarkable to reflect on all that has happened throughout the year and see the obstacles that have been overcome by coordination and perseverance.  We are reminded, as we ruminate, that it is the dedicated staff of this District and the relationships we forge in adversity that help us all succeed in our mission.  If you don’t believe me ask Ed Chadwell…he went through an amputation to get back here.  Welcome back, Ed!