Industrial Safety Year End Update

 D-3 Industrial Safety, Summary

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by Tracy Strickland

Our Safety & Health Specialists maintained a robust Safety Training schedule throughout the District in 2017, delivering classes at each Operations Center and the District Office. The team put great effort into the planning of the safety and health training programs for the year, taking into account the requests submitted by employees and identifying those areas where emphasis or improvements were needed. First Aid and CPR classes are always a favorite with D-3 employees and opportunities were provided at each Ops Center as well as the District Office. This year our Safety Specialists partnered with the State Fire Marshal’s Office to provide fire Extinguisher Classes at several locations, using a state-of-the-art simulator allowing participants to get a more “hands-on” experience with using an extinguisher, while Milton personnel had the opportunity to train using “live fire” with their local fire department. We also partnered with FHP to provide quality Pre-Trip Inspection / Load Securement to our CDL drivers at several locations, which in conjunction with “Gate Check” Inspections at each Operations Center, enhance our commitment to driver and vehicle safety. Another safety training innovation employees may have noticed involved bringing in experts from Fish & Wildlife and Florida Park Service to provide some great learning experiences on Harmful Plants and Animals, and allowing participants to experience wildlife up close. As always, Maintenance Of Traffic classes were provided to our personnel throughout the District. In addition to a busy schedule providing classes for all employees, the D-3 Safety Specialists also attend many training courses and exercises throughout the year, maintaining their own certifications and gaining new skills and ideas, in order continue providing training “in-house” for FDOT employees, which allows us to deliver cost-effective, high-quality safety training, focused on the needs of FDOT and our employees.

We continued working with the Department’s partners, such as construction and maintenance contractors, conducting many field inspections and reviews and attending pre-cons to ensure FDOT’s safety standards are communicated and maintained. We also continued to support the District’s Emergency and Incident Management efforts, taking part in damage assessments, incident response, and damage recovery missions in the role of Incident Safety Officer, in addition to providing input during Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Meetings throughout the District.

2017 saw District 3’s injury and illness numbers continue in a trend toward reduced numbers, as they have over the past 5 years. We will be working to maintain this trend with a goal of zero preventable injuries to the District’s employees, by continuing to strive to provide excellent customer service and safety programs and looking for innovative ways to engage all FDOT employees and our partners in improving Safety and Health.