Greeting from Richard Norris, Transportation Support Manager

Norris_Richard (3)When I was growing up, my parents would always talk about how quickly time passes.  They did not stress this point enough.  January turns into December before you realize it.  2017 is nearly over.

Many of the goals for 2017 are accomplished and our team has shown its resilience, creativity and dedication.  It is an honor to serve alongside such a dedicated group.  I appreciate your efforts to get the work done that supports the district through another record production year.  The services you perform contributes to the continued success of the district and the Department.  You not only impressed through day to day work, but also provided excellent support through a couple hurricanes as well.  As a group, District Three is the best in the state.

I know that 2018 will provide a new set of challenges, but as always, we will rise to and surpass them.  Enjoy your families and friends through the Christmas season.  Embrace traditions, forge new relationships and experiences and stay safe.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.