Greeting from Jason Peters, Transportation Operations Director

Peters_Jason (5)Reflecting back on the accomplishments of this year, I’m proud to say I am part of a really great team.  The District Three team continues to deliver record level work programs and this year was no different.  The District currently has approximately one billion dollars of construction underway which includes one of the largest bridge projects we have administered in our time.  We continue to provide operational improvements to our transportation system and continue to maintain an ever growing roadway inventory with excellent results.  This year, we also responded to a number of unique events.  The district experienced the largest evacuation effort in the state’s history as Hurricane Irma approached the coast of Florida.  We also experienced impacts from Hurricane Nate. As a result of these events, many employees worked tireless hours, including 24 employees who were deployed to the Florida Keys for two weeks to assist a fellow district with damage recovery.  Finally, we finished off the year with Benji; Winter Storm Benji to be exact.  I want to thank those individuals that worked throughout the night to help keep our roadways open and safe as Benji blessed us with a wintery mix as it passed through our area.

This past year has proven that this team can handle almost anything, and as 2018 approaches, I look forward to seeing what great things this team will accomplish next. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!