Facilities Management End Of Year Review

Kneiss_Chris (1)by Chris Kneiss

The District Three Facilities Department has been busy during the 16/17 year. Besides the normal preventative maintenance, repairs, and minor emergencies that we deal with every day, we have also had a lot of new Security upgrades as well.  Some of these upgrades included new LED type lighting in our parking lots at our Chipley and Ponce De Leon yards and rekeying to our existing master keying system at our Marianna and Milton sites.

This coming 17/18 year we will be continuing our security upgrades by adding a new front fence to the Midway and Marianna yards.  Other construction will include Chipley Design building carpet replacement, chiller replacement at our Milton site, a new pole barn and interior painting at Ponce De Leon and Mariana will be getting repaved and a new truck entrance.

Future security upgrades will include electric fence, sniper towers and attack drones. (just making sure your still paying attention 😊)

On behalf of the Facilities Department I would like to thank everyone for their cooperation this past year as we accomplished our projects and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!