District Maintenance Year End Update

Hendrix,Tim2By Tim Hendrix

2017 has been a time of change for the D3 Maintenance Office.  In June of 2017, Mark Thomas announced his retirement and with that the remainder of the year has been a blur for me.    Hurricane Irma resulted in the largest evacuation effort in the history of the state, maybe even nationally and D3 was instrumental in keeping folks moving to Safety.  Hurricane Nate displayed our ability to prepare and respond to a storm and was another excellent readiness exercise.  December brought winter storm Benji and provided an excellent opportunity to gain more experience in responding to events that few would expect in Florida.

I would like to thank Mark Thomas for building such a cohesive team that the transition for me personally has been challenging, but successful in that my feet are now wet and chilly but this Team kept my head above water.

Looking forward to 2018, I anticipate the D3 Maintenance team continuing to set the bar in our day to day activities and also continue to lead the state in being prepared for anything- from Hurricanes to Ice storms and everything in between.  What this team does day in and day out is recognized by all for the excellence that it has achieved.  Thanks so much for all you do and I look forward to a rewarding 2018 for all.