Construction Year End Update

Hudec_Ed (1)

by Ed Hudec

As we look back at the year in review,
Reed, Denny and Debra hung up their hats
and said, Too-Da-Loo!

We welcomed Robbie and John to our bunch,
while Terri, Adam and Stacey were promoted
and boy,
are we in a crunch!

Heather was loaned out to assist others in time of need,
now she is back
so you better take heed!

We received news that our co-worker was sick,
we were happy to hear that she will be back

Irma and Nate
made their debut
but no damage to us –
Whoop Dee Doo!

56 projects were let to construction –
so many projects
it’s like –
“Malfunction Junction!”

Standing on the brink of a brand-new year,
there is no cause for concern or need to fear-
Florida Highways are in good hands today,
since Roads and Bridges are our forte’.

From our DOT Family to yours-
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year-
District Construction