Farewell and Happy Retirement Mark Thomas

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Mark Thomas, P.E.

In Mark Thomas fashion, he penned the following email to fellow employees on Wednesday, June 14, announcing his retirement from the department.

This is email is to inform each of you of my departure from the Department of Transportation effective June 29.  I know I am leaving when the Department is in very capable hands and will not skip a beat when I am gone.  I wanted you to know that you have impacted my career in a positive manner and I wish you all the best in the future.  If you want to get up with me after this date, please come by the house or check me out on the lake.  I got a lot of fishing and house duties to catch up on.  I may even brush up on my golf swing. 

Mark served as the District Maintenance Engineer and Emergency Operations Manager.  His End of Duty email read: I had a great uncle that grew up farming for a living with the family.  One day he told his father that good ole Mother Earth had one less satisfied customer beginning that day.  When pressed for a more concise explanation of that statement, my great uncle simply replied “I have scratched the face of the earth with a plow for the last time’.  He decided it was time for him to move along in his life.

 District Three wishes Mark much happiness in his retirement.