Sick Leave Pool Open Enrollment

Article submitted by: Aixa M. Corbitt

This is a GREAT time to JOIN if you have missed your chance or changed your mind without the required Doctor’s statement. Sick Leave Pool Open Enrollment is July 1, 2017 – July 31, 2017.

medical graphic

Open enrollment medical graphic

The following requirements apply:

  • Assigned to District Three and not have another sick leave pool available to you
  • You have been an employee of the state for over a year
  • You have over 64 hours of sick leave
  • And you are able to donate 8 hours of sick leave to the pool

The enrollment form should be completed and submitted before the end of open enrollment.  Once your application has been approved by the committee, you will be notified and the 8 hours of sick leave will be transferred from your account to the D3 Sick Leave Pool. The form is located on the Sick Leave Pool site, accessible from the D3 Infonet page.

The committee is also in immediate need of a volunteer to serve as committee member. This position will serve as a replacement for the term that ends September 2018 with the option to extend or be replaced at that time.

The committee members are the stewards of the district’s Sick Leave Pool.  Every member of the sick leave pool is qualified to serve as a Committee Member.

You can access information about the D3 Sick Leave Pool  at, or Go To:  D3 Infonet Page, Click On:  Resources and Click On:   Sick Leave Pool. Contact Aixa Corbitt at 850-330-1458 for more details on enrollment and to volunteer.